Monday, December 17, 2012

Part IV Easy Street - w/SNS

I can hardly believe we're already up to Part IV of Bonnie K. Hunter's annual mystery quilt - this year it's 'Easy Street':

Since I chose to use four different purple batik fabrics and four different turquoise batiks for this step, it occurred to me that Jodi Barrow's square-in-a-square (SNS) method could work quite well to create the 64 flying geese units needed in Part IV:

Ready for trimming

The first 2 adjacent cuts leave a 1/4" seam allowance

The last 2 adjacent cuts do not leave a seam allowance
 to allow for a cut through the middle of the purple center square from point to point

which make 2 separate geese units
Only 63 flying geese units left to sew together!

For those familiar with the SNS method and have the ruler w/instructions, I can save you a little time by giving you the measurements I used to make the center square and side strip units to create the flying geese, so here you go:

Center square cut: 3" x 3" *
Side strips cut: 1 3/4" x wof *

* These measurements INCLUDE seam allowances and are raw measurements, meaning these are the exact measurements I used to cut my fabrics prior to sewing the units together.  Please check my math and cut at your own risk!

Here's Jodi demonstrating a few of the options available w/her SNS method, including Option #3 flying geese (Please Note: I am NOT affiliated in any way shape or form, just sharing tools, methods, and ideas that I use and enjoy ;-):

And here they all are stored with the first three parts of Easy Street:
I added a smaller container for the extra fabric units 
Bonnie's had us cut along the way, 
including the (145) 3 1/2" apple green squares...
looks like I need to get another container for Part V!

For now, time for some shut-eye - I still have tons of presents to wrap and ship, need to finish my SID work on the Jungle Elephant quilt (thank goodness, now it doesn't need to be done until Friday!), I'm halfway through and really need to make some serious headway later today ;-)

See you on 'Monday Mystery link-up'...
PS...Don't forget to check out ALL the Easy Street Mystery Quilt participants, their gorgeous fabric choices and progress here:


  1. Thanks for saving me some time - I use the SNS ruler quite a bit....
    Once I get my Christmas projects done, I hope to get started on this mystery, even if it's only
    a table topper size :-) Love your fabrics BTW

  2. Your more than welcome, Miss Katie and Thanks! ;-) I have to tell you, and I almost posted it but ran out of time, I had more than one false start with my measurements for the center square and started out much too large by not paying attention and reading Bonnie's instructions literally. I first used her 'finished block' measurement, which means the 'entire block', not the center block, LOL. To say I have a few extra flying geese lying around, would be a huge understatement. Good thing I bought extra fabrics!

    Hope your Christmas projects are coming along and I bet they are going to be real special ;-)