Saturday, December 8, 2012

Easy Street Part III - movin' right along...

Part III of Easy Street seemed to be the least intimidating of all for me so far - maybe it's because I got soooo much practice w/this type of piecing while working on Orca Bay last year.  Whatever the reason, I was able to complete this part of the quilt in fairly quick order.  Here's my progression on Part III of Bonnie K. Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt for 2012:

Turquoise triangles ready to be sewn to purple/black-on-white units

Sewing on the turquoise triangles

Sewn, trimmed and ready to join Part I and II for temporary storage...

Not too bad for a Friday night of sewin' FUN - I'll take a storage photo later and post, for now I need a little shut-eye :-)

UPDATE: 12/8/2012 and here's the storage photo:

The completed units fit in just fine w/Part II ready and waiting...

So, how are you doin' on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt?  I'll be checking everyone out over the weekend in between wrapping Christmas presents, dog-sitting, and trying to catch-up on my Hurricane Sandy Quilt project ;-)

PS...Don't forget to check out ALL the Easy Street Mystery Quilt participants, their gorgeous fabric choices and progress here:


  1. Deb - you're moving right along there..... Maybe after I get my Christmas projects done, I'll get started.... I even bought some black on white fabric as it's not something I have in my stash!

  2. Hey Miss Katie,
    Yep, with all I need to do to get finished up by Christmas, motivation to get done w/each project so I can move on to the 'next' project is setting in ;-)

    You'll have a blast doing this one and since you'll know what it will look like when you start, that's a definite advantage, especially where fabrics are concerned! I really needed this mystery challenge this year - it's been a great stress-buster and a real motivator...

    Hope to see you again soon - now I'm off to wrap presents while I dog-sit for my youngest daughter's Jack Russel, he's too smart for me LOL, have to stay on my toes with him and my 2 golden bears (retrievers), they all have lots of fun chasing each other around the barn lot!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Your blocks are looking good! I'm using an ice cream pail for storing my Easy Street parts in. I'm going to have to find another one since that that was is full already! LOL

  4. Thanks Tami - an ice cream plastic bucket is currently storing about 275 bow tie blocks for me as I write - only need 100 more and I'm golden and ready to assemble into my final quilt top...this was another Bonnie Hunter leaders and enders project, only mine has ended up being an 'in between other projects' project ;-)

    ~Thanks for stoppin' in and Good Luck w/Easy Street, looks like you're crusin' right along,

  5. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!