Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cruisin' Along on Easy Street - Part II

And we're now on to Part II of the Easy Street Mystery Quilt, courtesy of Bonnie K. Hunter over at Quiltville.  I'm making fairly good progress so far, have all the flying geese units cut:

Flying geese units all cut along w/(64) 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles 
Bonnie said we'll need for a 'future step'...

    Close-up of black on white triangle units w/rectangles

(128) Purple quarter square geese triangles                       

                                                                               Sewing first side wing triangles

and half of them sewn - only 64 left to go!

 And I have to admit, this mystery quilt has been somewhat 'easier' than the previous Orca Bay mystery I worked on last year.  Even though we're early on into this mystery, I can already tell we're doing about half the units we did last year at this point, so I'm fairly optimistic Bonnie will continue to live up to her word and our mystery's name of being somewhat 'easier' this time around ;-).

And now, time to finish up on the second half...

UPDATE 12/4/2012:  And here they are:

ALL 128 flying geese ready to be pressed - 
Again actually, I ended up w/a few extra to the tune of 135 total ;-)

Getting pressed and ready to have those dog ears trimmed off...

Dog ears trimmed off and flying geese ready for temporary storage

Tucked in w/ Easy Street Part I, waiting for their time


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  1. This one is looking 'easy'.... Maybe after I get my Christmas projects done, I will pull fabrics, see if I need more than what I have in the stash, and give this one a try.... I am downloading all the clues!

  2. Hey Ms. Katie,
    Glad to see you had time to stop by - knowing you, I bet most of your Christmas presents will be hand made and fabulous! I hope you do get some time for yourself when all your Christmas projects are finished up and make this special Mystery Quilt just for YOU, because no one deserves it more. I LOVE the fun colors and fabrics being used in this mystery, makes me smile while I'm sewing them altogether ;-)

    Enjoy your Holiday Season, and don't forget to stop back by again soon for a visit,

  3. Looking great and I just LOVE your storage containers! ;)

    1. Thanks! and I LOVE your blog - tried to post a couple of times but due to the weather/storms we keep having, couldn't get either one to take. I'll tray again later...and Thanks for stoppin' in for a visit ;-)

  4. Your geese fabrics are lovely, and the units look great. Clue 3 is here!

  5. Thank YOU! - Yes, indeed just finished up w/Part III, went together in a snap! Gotta LOVE Bonnie's explicit instructions ;-) Aren't you just lovin' all this Mystery FUN?!

    Thanks for stopping by, do come back again when you get the chance...