Monday, December 1, 2014

Grand Illusion Quiltville Mystery Part I - Let the Mystery Begin! w/Updates

Grand Illusion

After a rather slooow start due to a fast-paced cold/flu over the past few days, got to gather my Grand Illusion Mystery fabrics for Bonnie K. Hunter's annual mystery quilt ALL us quilt-maniacs, myself certainly included, look forward to each year.  And I think these batiks will work well, don't you?:

Grand Illusion Mystery quilt fabrics
Once again, decided to use the SNS system to create my half-square triangles:

First two sides sewn to the center block

Sewing on the final 2 sides

All pressed and ready to be trimmed

Time to trim up those sides

4 half-square triangles ready to be sewn into blocks

Just 200+ to go!  Actually - I have all of the SNS units sewn and almost half of them cut.  I'll post an update when I get them all assembled w/black & yellow squares, which I do have all cut out ready to go.

UPDATE 12/2/2014:  Part I Finish...Yippee!

Got ALL the SNS HSTs trimmed and cut:

ALL Part I HSTs cut and ready to assemble

Whipped out the ol' Bernina 1090 to finish piecing - LOVE the sound of this quilting workhorse, and just look what we were able to finish up together:

Chain piecing the broken dish units
They look like pretty butterflies to me ;-)

Tah Dah!

Part I of Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt ALL finished up!

Like I always say...time to get back to it ;-)


PS...To see and enjoy what EVERYONE else is doing w/Grand Illusion Mystery quilt Part I, Please follow this direct link:


  1. Beautiful batik fabrics! I have never tried this method of making HSTs? It looks very easy though?

    1. Thanks, Kevin! Personally, 'I' think the SNS method for creating HSTs is the bomb - I especially enjoy how precise I can get them IF my 'Magic Math' calculations are correct ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by, great hearing from you. Enjoy our quilting adventure w/Grand Illusion Mystery and I will enjoy watching your progress...