Friday, December 12, 2014

Part II of Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Underway...

Another late start w/Part II of Bonnie K. Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, but I'm gettin' there...just in time, too since Part III will be out bright and early tomorrow morning!

Chain piecing those diamonds
I chose Option #3 to construct my diamonds and I LOVE the tip Bonnie gave about sewing just a touch to the 'inside' of the drawn line, rather than right on that line - works great!

Set my needle just to the 'inside' of that stitching line - what a great Bonnie tip!
And here's one of my first finished diamonds:

First finished black/neutral/pink diamond - just a 'few' more to go!
There's no time to waste - time to get back to it...I'll post updates as they become available.


PS...To see and enjoy what EVERYONE else is doing w/Grand Illusion Mystery quilt Part II, Please follow this direct link:

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  1. You're my hero Deb - with as much as you do and now the BH Mystery, too!? I thought about downloading the 'clues' as they were released (and I still might get them...) but it really would be a "Grand Illusion" to think I'd ever really make the quilt.... I think I have the last 4 mysteries in my quilting 'library'..