Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Progress on Part III - Getting Caught Up on Part I of the Orca Bay Mystery!

Starting to see daylight!  Made some serious headway on Part III of the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt challenge and finally getting caught up with Part I - YES!!

Feels good to see some of the fruits of my labor - lots of trimming and cutting HSTs:

And you'll all be glad to know - finished cutting and sewing ALL the QSTs from Part I during yesterday's HOUSE marathon (and it was one of my favs ;-) :

Will get them all pressed and trimmed later this evening, sew them into hour glass units tomorrow-ish and will FINALLY be done with Part I!  Then will get back to trimming and cutting  the rest of the HSTs from Part III.  I will probably save that task for tomorrow because now I'm off to finish that baby gift I promised my daughter a month ago and it's due tonight - gotta dash...


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