Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blue String Blocks - DONE!

Finally finished with the 3 1/2" blue strips and strings blocks - Yeah!

Aren't these cute?!

And I even had some leftovers if anyone needs any ;-)

But having read all of Bonnie's books to date, I'm fairly certain I may end up using these somewhere, if nothing else, I can see them pieced into borders later 'bout you?

Well, no rest for the weary - got to get back to the black/white quarter square triangles.  I have 4 hours until the end of this day, should be enough time to get caught up just in time for Part III of the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt - so let's get back to it!


  1. They look fabulous... Can't wait to see Part3...

  2. It's only since I got into Bonnie Hunter's way of thinking that I realised extra blocks/block parts are ALWAYS useful. They will find a place!! Hope you got caught up and ready for part 3 today :)

  3. Yes, Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! I just noticed with Part III in her most recent post, Bonnie remarks that the extra strip blocks can be utilized in a 'zig-zag' pattern in borders - YES! so, I'm good to go with all my leftovers...

    Seems like Bonnie's gremlins have come to play a few tricks on me to impede my progress, well no matter - I've got a few tricks of my own for those pesky gremlins ;-) back to it - lots and lots of cutting and sewing today if I'm to get caught up, which I will!