Friday, December 16, 2011

Part V - Orca Bay Mystery Surprise!

OK, so the Part V clue of the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt kind of surprised me and left me a little stumped - not what I expected at all but then again, this is my first Quiltville Mystery Quilt so I'm sure I'm in for a few more surprises before we're finished ;-).

Anyway, I pulled some of the needed black strips for the needed 700 (yep, that's 700!) triangles:

Hoping to get some of the 700 cut later today but first, must finish up Part IV and get the rest of the red strip blocks sewn and cut - FINALLY!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, for some insane reason I decided to completely clean out/revamp my quilting studio 2 weeks prior to Christmas!  I guess I must've been motivated by Bonnie's organizational posts and at the same time frustrated w/my messy storage each and every time I went hunting for fabric to fulfill one of the clues for the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  

Needless to say, it's taken a few days longer than I anticipated (I originally thought I could do everything in 3-4 days), well that didn't happen as with everything in my life (and possibly yours?) - there's always a few hiccups along the way to slow/impede progress like, a flood in the studio from all the rain we've been having here in the MidWest on my second day into the revamp.  But, the waters have started to recede, doesn't look like I will lose any of my fabric due to space bag storage (YEAH!) and I'm back at it starting to make some more progress - I'll post before and after photos later, don't want to overwhelm anyone with my current dilemma ;-)

Well, as I always say, gotta get back to it...


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