Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Part VI - Orca Bay Mystery Quilt = Ohio Stars!

The latest clue of Quiltville's Mystery Quilt reveals one of my very favorite blocks: the Ohio Star, YEAH!  Can hardly wait to start sewing them, been so gosh-darned busy w/holidays, finishing up the revamp on my quilting studio (it's M-A-A-V-E-L-O-U-S if I say so myself ;-), got the bulk of it finished last Friday morning of December 23 @ 5:12 am after pulling a couple of all-nighters, and I actually put some of the finishing touches on earlier today, AND trying to get caught up with the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  So far I've got all the 2 1/2" squares cut, so making a little headway:

And don't these look so cute?!:

Well, I'm off once again to begin sewing these cute little darlins.  I've got to get really busy since I've got soooo much sewing and cutting to do to get all caught up by Friday (still working on Part V as well!) - I'll post when I get all finished up...



  1. Isn't it fun that each one of us, although sewing white and black, have different looking blocks ? Good job !

  2. Ohio Star is my fav too! Your blocks are so cute.

  3. Bonnie's mysteries are always so fun, it's nice that this one also has one of your favorite blocks. I think that most of us love the Ohio Star. Yours are coming together nicely.